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1. Downloads and Links  
Statische Seiten
Downloads Below you can download all our information in the form of PDFs to be printed at home. You only need the free Acrobat Reader, which is available here: Go to homepage Adobe Old…  
2. Sights  
Statische Seiten
Kapellrangen, literally “Chapel Slope”, is the best known viewpoint on Schwanberg. From this exposed place slightly below the Castle, where a chapel stood in the Middle Ages, you can even see the…  
3. Dream Walks  
Statische Seiten
Dear walkers, The District of Kitzingen has created 15 well-marked scenic trails –  Die TraumRunden – so that you can easily discover our beautiful countryside and cultural treasures on…  
4. Map of Rödelsee  
Statische Seiten
Click here for a detailed, up-to-date map of Rödelsee. Map of Rödelsee  
5. Tourist Bus Line  
Statische Seiten
Timetable and Information From 21st May to 1st November 2020, a little later than usual due to the corona pandemic, the local tourist bus line “Dorfschätze Express” (Village Treasures Express)…  
6. Places to Stay  
Statische Seiten
Self-catering apartment, Tasch family Mainbernheimer Str. 27a 97348 Rödelsee Telefon +49 9323 5158 Mobil +49 175 4999054 Send email Go to homepage Apartment details: Size: approx. 80 square…  
7. Places to Eat  
Statische Seiten
Overview of local restaurants and taverns Good food and drink is nourishment for your body and soul. Treat yourself to some fine Franconian food in a cosy atmosphere at Rödelsee’s welcoming…  
8. Winegrowers  
Statische Seiten
Winegrowing in Rödelsee Weingut Hemberger Aussiedlerhof 3 97348 Rödelsee Tel.: 09323 435 Fax: 09323 5072 Send email Go to homepage Opening hours: Mondays: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. Tuesdays: by…  
9. Museums  
Statische Seiten
Ausstellung zur Kolonialgeschichte – this museum in Fröhstockheim makes an almost forgotten chapter of history come alive In Fröhstockheim, you can gain an insight into the military history of…  
10. pausing: Franconian Piety Columns  
Statische Seiten
The tradition of placing piety columns, or wayside shrines, near roads and paths dates back to the Middle Ages. Stones were put up for legal reasons or to commemorate events. Piety columns,…  
11. Wine and Worship  
Statische Seiten
Information pausing – blessing – commemorating – pleading – believing – finding oneself – narrating – praying – pilgrimaging – living together Further Topics Schwanberg near Rödelsee is a very…  
12. Walking Trails  
Statische Seiten
Dear walkers, The brochure “Rödelseer Wanderungen” (in German) details interesting trails starting in Rödelsee and at the top of Schwanberg. They lead you to breathtaking viewpoints, famous…  
13. Wine Princess  
Statische Seiten
I cordially invite you to visit the wine village of Rödelsee. Meet the local winegrowers and enjoy their wines with Franconian specialities at the local restaurants. Discover our wide variety of…  
14. Churches  
Statische Seiten
St. Michael’s Church on Schwanberg St. Michael’s, built on Schwanberg in 1987, is the new church of Communität Casteller Ring, a Lutheran nunnery. This religious community was founded by seven…  
15. Sites and Varieties  
Statische Seiten
Shelter for walkers and winegrowers Venue for wine tastings in the middle of the vineyards Meeting-place for wine-related events (regular meetings, presentations, wine walks) Location:…  
16. History  
Statische Seiten
History of Rödelsee History of Fröhstockheim History of Schwanberg The name “Rödelsee” is misleading; it has nothing to do with a lake or pond (“See” in German), despite the idyllic village…  
17. blessing: Vineyard Sites  
Statische Seiten
In the past, winegrowing without God’s help was unthinkable. Winegrowers tried to secure this help with religious rituals: The communities living around Schwanberg held supplicatory processions in…  
18. commemorating: Jewish Cemetery  
Statische Seiten
The Jewish Cemetery near Rödelsee In a writ of protection issued in 1563, Baron Wilhelm Moritz von Hessberg allowed the Jews in his territory “to build their burial site near Rötelsehe on the path…  
19. pleading: Winemakers’ Patron Saints  
Statische Seiten
The Winegrower’s Year and the Calendar of Saints Only few saints, such as St. Urban, are directly associated with wine due to their biographies or martyrdoms. Most saints that played (or sometimes…  
20. finding oneself: Hermitage  
Statische Seiten
A Hermit’s Seclusion As early as pre-Christian times, individuals left society behind to live in solitude and seclusion in unwelcoming places. The first Christian hermits secluded themselves in…  
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